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Latest News
28 September 2016
New In House Test Bed 280 Tonne Capacity
Installation of the test bed machine.
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16 April 2015
New Machinery
Extra production capacity now firmly back in our own hands.
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16 February 2015
Rugby Sponsorship
Stourbridge RFC U13s
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Mobile / Crawler Cranes

RC Jones manufactures Mobile Crane Hook Blocks and Baby Weights to suit all types of Mobile and Crawler Cranes. RC Jones can design and produce Hook Blocks and Baby Weights tailored to customers specific needs and requirements. Our standard ranges are used by some of the biggest Crane companies around the World.

RC Jones also manufactures and produces Hook Blocks to our customers designs and needs. We are happy to produce one off custom Blocks to your suit your specific requirements and needs.
3.3TE SWL Babyweight with Clevis Fitting
Designed for a specific job, SWL of 3.3TE.

Clevis head fitting to accomodate a Gunnebo thimb ...
SWL Fall
Tonne SWL with DIN 15402 Ramshorn Hook ...
200Tonne SWL
200 Tonne SWL 16 Fall Block complete with DIN 15402 Ramshorn Hook ...
100TE SWL 20 Fall
100Tonne SWL 20 Fall Block woth DIN 15402 Ranshorn Hook. ...
30Tonne SWL 7 Fall
30 Tonne SWL 7 fall Block with DIN15402 Ramshorn Hook ...
Special 450 Tonne SWL
This specially designed block can lift upto SWL 450 Tonne. It has been designed such so that it can ...
Baby Weight / Head Ache Ball
Baby Weight Block / Head Ache Ball complete with Taper Wedge and Socket fitting.
RC Jones can pr ...
10TE Baby Weight
The 10TE Baby Weight ...
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